Around 2006, Shanaaz Parker whilst in the process of publishing her then latest cookbook “Indulge”, came up with the idea of contributing the profits of that book to fund deserving individuals to go on Hadj. The “Hadj Campaign” was thus started and in 2008 the Hadj Campaign successfully sent 10 Pilgrims from throughout South Africa and was assisted by various community oriented businesses as well as the community itself.

The profits of the Indulge Recipe Book was used to cover accommodation and other essential expenses of the pilgrims who were recipients of the tickets.

With the launch of yet another cookbook - Innovativ', a percentage of profits from the sale of the book was also contributed to the Hadj Campaign.

The funds thus collected will enable to finance the Hadj Pilgrimage of a number of deserving pilgrims who are unable to afford the cost of this sacred journey.

It is this concept that has rendered the entire project a blessed one and we are privileged once again, to look forward to the success of an idea that is dedicated to a sacred and virtuous purpose.

The Hadj Campaign is a non-profitable organisation and it was established for the benefit of the community only. No Board Members directly or indirectly benefits from this project as it is voluntary.

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