Hadj-The Timeless Journey

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Shanaaz Parker and a variety of sponsors sent a group of 10 deserving people on Hadj who otherwise might not have been in a position to take this sacred journey.

Prior to her sad demise, she made a niyyah to continue this project and gifted her books for this. This Legacy Project will now be continued in her name.

All you have to do is send in a motivational letter telling us why someone you know should be sent on Hadj. The judges will consist of a panel made up of Ulema who will make the final decision.

E-mail your letter to : info@hadjsa.co.za

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Anyone can take on new challenges in life. You must be a spiritual person in order to understand the future and where you are going to be headed later on down the road. You must always look at your religion and see that you can take on spiritual enlightenment throughout the course of your life. It is important to let others know where you stand on certain topics. Reading books about your faith help you to become a much better person throughout the course of your existence.




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